Mil-Spec Security Group, LLC
Mil-Spec Security Group was created with the sole objective of confronting these inadequacies. Mil-Spec Security Group would require a facility to:
•Attract premium individuals for employment
•Instruct those individuals in the arts of law enforcement and legal issues training
•Maintain a high level of officer physical fitness

In 2000, Mil-Spec began to renovate 5000 square feet of warehouse space, located at 520 East 22nd Terrace, in Lawrence, Kansas.

In early 2001, the facility was completed and was named, “Olympic Iron Gym”. Olympic Iron Gym included;
•Office space for daily business
•Officer squad room
•Housing for patrol cruiser fleet
•Classroom area for various law enforcement tactics and legal issues training
•Fitness area equipped with $50,000 worth of commercial grade equipment

The completion of Olympic Iron Gym contributed and further assisted Mil-Spec Security Group’s management with the duties of:
•Recruitment of suitable candidates for employment
•Instructing the officer staff in proper law enforcement training & tactics
•Continued improvement of the officer staffs’ physical fitness needs

Due to overwhelming interest, Olympic Iron Gym was made available to the public.
Officer Fitness
A Justice Department poll of police officers listed foremost among the deficiencies in the private security industry:
1. Quality of Personnel
2. Law Enforcement Training
3. Knowledge of Legal Authority
Olympic Iron Gym is an old school gym designed for officer fitness
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