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Jim Lindell joined the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department in October 1970, as the Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Supervisor. He was hired for his ability to employ superior methods of control in handling police resistor and aggressor problems. He used his expertise in the field of martial arts to formulate practical and functional techniques for specific police problems. He developed and implemented a complete physical conditioning and defensive tactics program tailored to the needs and abilities of officers in training. The program was designed to provide maximum safety to the officer while minimizing the potential of harm to the subject.

The National Law Enforcement Training Center is one of the most respected law enforcement training agencies in the nation – as well as globally.

The Mil-Spec instructors teach our officers in the following courses; Legal Issues, Use of Force Continuum, ASP Baton, Clamp Control, Sidearm Safety & Tactics, Sidearm Disarming & Retention, Control & Defensive Tactics, Ground Defensive Tactics, Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Control, Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint, Knife Defense & Control Tactics, Power Handcuffing, Report Writing Skills and the MIL-SPEC Standard Operating Procedure.

We hope you, as a prospective patron of private security, understand the paramount importance of adequate law enforcement training. You would not entrust your legal and accounting necessities with an unskilled attorney or accountant. In the same respect, putting your business security demands in the hands of an untrained security agency may damage your operation financially and legally, not to mention personal harm and added embarrassment.
Officer Training
Mil-Spec takes pride in the amount of training we provide for our officers. Our trainers are certified by the National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC), founded by Mr. James Lindell – U.S. Marine Korean War combat veteran, 23 year Physical Training & Defensive Tactics Supervisor of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and Executive Board member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Training (ASLET) 1987 - 2000.
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